Janat Mirza’s strong reaction to Bushra Ansari’s comment

June 6, 2021: Pakistan’s number one Tick Tocker and emerging young actress Janat Mirza has reacted sharply to criticism of showbiz legend and senior actress Bushra Ansari.

BaaghiTV: Recently, Janat Mirza shared a video in which he wore a dress of a private brand and wore a chain with the symbol of Christianity on it. When Janat Mirza’s Tik Tak video went viral, the Christian community claimed that the Tik Tok star had insulted their religion and a case was registered against her.

She then addressed the Christian community in her video message, saying that she had made the mistake unknowingly, that she did not want to offend anyone, and that she apologized to the entire Christian community, after which the matter was settled.۔

However, yesterday, senior actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Bushra Ansari shared a critical post against Janat Mirza on social media site Instagram. Bushra Ansari shared a photo of Janat Mirza in her Instagram post in which she was wearing that chain and also shared a photo of the case registered against her.

The actress wrote in the caption of her post that “I am sorry for those ignorant stars who have no knowledge of Islam or any other religion.” Bushra Ansari deleted the post from her Instagram account after a while, but the actress’ post is being shared on various social media platforms. After the post went viral, Janat Mirza did not remain silent and gave a stern reply to Bushra Ansai without considering it.

Addressing Bushra Ansari in her Instagram story, Janat Mirza wrote that Amanji, this is not right at all, please don’t judge anyone before you know anyone. Emerging Lollywood actress wrote, “I have a lot of respect for you in Bushra Aunty but you can’t defame anyone without knowing the facts! How can you talk about Islam? Aunty, you are not running a preaching group. You also sing and dance. You did dance performances on award shows. But today you criticize others. Wow!”

Janat Mirza further wrote that today you have realized that you really do not have a heart. All I can say is that before criticizing someone, you must look into your own self. Go That’s not right. The Tick Tocker said, “Take the time to find out the truth first and then criticize. May God keep you happy, Mother.”

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