Javed Latif makes claims, PML-N takes action!

LAHORE: Javed Latif made claims against Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), which has led the party to issue show cause notices to senior leader seeking evidence of the allegations.

According to the details, a show cause notice has been sent by PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal to Javed Latif for making false claims against PML-N on a television show.

The text of the show cause notice states that false and fabricated allegations are a violation of party discipline, the PML-N is aware of democratic values, the PML-N leader is proud of his comrades standing by his side. The show cause notice said that the PML-N is still united and organized in spite of all conspiracies. The victory in the cantonment elections is also a testament to the unity and popularity of the party.

Javed Latif makes claims: PML-N takes action!

That is why violating party discipline in TV shows is unacceptable. Javed Latif has been directed to submit reply to the show cause notice within 7 days and also decide his own sentence.

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On the other hand, senior PML-N leader and National Assembly member Rana Sanaullah confirmed the sending of show cause notice to Javed Latif and asked him to respond to the notice in a respectful manner.

Rana Sanaullah said, “Things go back and forth during discussions in politics. Anything that deviates from the rules should be explained. It is not appropriate to talk about the statement before Javed Latif’s explanation.”

He also mentioned that the party president decides to issue show cause notices to any leader or worker. Shahbaz Sharif, Chairman PML-N, consults the leaders of the league before making a decision. This notice was also issued after consultation. There is nothing between reconciliation and resistance. Nor is it an issue.

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Reconciliation and resistance is for transparent elections. If reconciliation gets the right, then there will be no need for resistance.

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