Jinnah Hospital established in Kabul, Pakistani doctors treat patients

KABUL: Jinnah Hospital has been established in Afghanistan’s capital by Pakistan, following which Pakistani doctors are actively treating patients.

According to reports, a team of Pakistani doctors has examined the eyes of 625 patients yesterday, while 34 patients underwent surgery. Earlier, Pakistani doctors had set up an eye camp in Khost, Afghanistan. The 200-bed Jinnah Hospital in Kabul, developed by the government of Pakistan, is the second-largest hospital in Afghanistan.

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During a meeting with Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that Pakistan and the United States needed to strengthen ties for peace and stability in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister welcomed the visit of both the members of Congress to Pakistan. PM Imran Khan further said that the visit would play an important role in strengthening the relations between the parliaments of the two countries as the Afghan people are in urgent need of financial support.

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The Prime Minister chaired the Apex Meeting for Afghanistan. The meeting approved Rs. 5 billion in humanitarian aid from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Pakistan also allowed India to use the corridor to supply wheat to Afghanistan. India will supply 50,000 metric tons of wheat to Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister had said that the repatriation of Afghans stranded in India through Pakistan should be facilitated. In addition, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the Apex Committee to issue Pakistani visas within 3 weeks for the convenience of Afghans and aid to Afghanistan.

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He expressed satisfaction over the steps taken by Border Management to provide all possible assistance to the Afghan people. He directed the restoration of the bus service between Peshawar to Jalalabad and said that the capacity of the personnel deployed at the borders should be enhanced. Borders should not be closed arbitrarily Afghan is the bravest nation that has faced difficult situations, the international community has a responsibility to help the Afghan people.

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The Prime Minister expressed his deep concern over the emergency situation in Afghanistan and the Committee vowed that the Government of Pakistan would take all possible steps to assist the Afghan people.

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