Judicial Commission: Key Findings of APS Case

Judicial commission was established by then Chief Justice (CJ) Justice Saqib Nisar in October 2018; Justice Ibraheem was appointed its head.

The judicial commission concluded on 30 June 2020 that terrorism perpetrated by Pak enemies reached its peak in 2013-2014. The report said that assistance provided to terrorists by the schools locality is unpardonable. It was concluded:

“When the infidels are within the inside no agency no matter how capable or equipped could counter an attack. The Judicial Commission concluded that NACTA [National Counter Terrorism Authority] had issued a generic threat alert about terrorists seeking to target army families and academic institutions as result of Zarb e Azb and Khyber 1 Operations.”

The most important part of the Judicial Commission is “it lauded Pak Army both for uprooting terrorism from the country post Army Public School (APS) incident and unflinching support to the families.

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The few important points found by the Judicial Commission are: 

All perpetrators of APS attacks, master minds and those who executed heinous crime have been killed, sentenced to death and necessary actions taken. All twelve terrorists involved in APS attack apprehended. The six main terrorists involved were tried by the Military courts and given death sentence. 5 have been executed while one terrorist has filed writ petition in SCP.

Army was appreciated and no blame was affixed by the highest inquiry commission. They took disciplinary action against those individuals who did not come up to the warranted necessary measures including dismissal from service. Next of kins of the Shuhada and the injured have been looked after in the best possible manner.

Federal Government gave about 277.800 million to the families of the shuhada and 3.675 million to the survivors. While the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government granted 286 million and 123.8 million to the families and survivors. As for Punjab Government, the shuhada’s families and ones left injured received a total of 61.65 million.

Similarly, the Pakistan Army came forward and gave away 729.33 million to the victims of the APS attack, while HQ 11 Corps spent 62.35 million in aid.

As a result, a sum of 1544.6 million was spent to make up for the losses of the attack. Other than this, they also received free Umrah tickets for three family members, a plot in Defense Housing Authority, free medical treatment at Combined Military Hospital (CMH), civil hospital and treatment abroad. Additionally, one sibling of the victims will be provided free education in any branch of APS.

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