Kangana Ranaut lambasts Narendra Modi’s government at the decision to install artificial oxygen plants

May 4, 2021: Actress Kangana Ranaut has expressed anger over the Modi government’s installation of artificial oxygen plants.

BaaghiTV: India is currently in a critical condition due to the corona virus. Hundreds of deaths are also taking place due to lack of oxygen due to which the Modi government has decided that the Indian government should set up 500 medical oxygen plants in the country within 3 months. An oxygen plant will have the capacity to supply one thousand liters of gas per minute. Kangana Ranaut has expressed outrage over the Modi government’s move.


Tweeting on a social networking site about the installation of artificial oxygen plants in India, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut said that eradicating germs or insects from the planet would affect its fertility and the earth would remember them But the earth doesn’t matter if a person leaves. If you don’t love the earth, the earth doesn’t need you at all. “Everyone is building more and more oxygen plants and getting oxygen cylinders in tons, but how can we compensate for all the oxygen that is being forcibly taken from the atmosphere,” she said. We did not learn from the mistakes and the devastation they caused.


Kangana added that along with announcing oxygen plants for humans, the government should also provide some relief to nature and those who are using this oxygen should also work to improve air and air quality. How long will we continue to take from the earth like a parasite and when will we start returning to the earth? The actress also used the hashtag “Tree Growing”.

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