Karachi: 6 Omicron cases have come to light

Karachi: 6 Omicron cases have come to light #Baaghi

KARACHI: Six cases of Omega Crown have come to light in Karachi. According to reports, six suspected cases of new variant of Coronavirus have come to light in Karachi. Samples have been sent to private hospitals for genome sequencing of all individuals.

According to the health department from Karachi, genome sequencing has been started to confirm the new variant of Omicron. Four persons have reached Karachi from South Africa and two from the United Kingdom.

It may be recalled that sources had claimed that a woman from abroad was suffering from Corona in the last few days and it was feared that she was suffering from Omicron. The victim was now undergoing genome sequencing, the results of which have been confirmed by Omicron. Sources said that 51 people who came in contact with the woman are being tested.

It may be recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) had said yesterday that the Omicron variant has spread to more than 95 countries of the world. It spreads faster than the Delta and is more resistant to vaccines.

Around the world, the number of victims of corona has reached 277,543,285.

In neighboring India, however, cases of the new strain of coronavirus omicron are on the rise, raising fears of a third wave of epidemics. According to experts, the third wave of corona virus may occur by February next year.

According to reports, the total number of Omicron cases across the country has exceeded 500, while 6317 cases of Corona were reported on Wednesday. The epidemic has killed 318 people in 24 hours. Currently, there are more than 78,000 active cases of corona in the country.

According to reports, most cases of Omicron have come to light in the capital Delhi. The second state is Maharashtra. Omicron cases are also coming up in other states.

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