Lahore Police arrested accused for harassing woman.


Lahore Police claimed to have arrested the accused for harassing women in Raiwind area on Friday.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Capital City Police Officer B.A.Nasir took notice of the complaints lodged by a girl on social media sites, where she has shared a video of being harassed by young boys. In the video, the boys wearing helmet are riding the motor-bike and can be seen harassing a girl sitting in the moving rickshaw. The number plate of the motor-bike is also visible.

CCPO Nasir took notice of the matter and directed SP Saddar division to look into the matter and arrest the culprits on the earliest. He made a team for arresting the culprits under the supervision of SP Saddar Ahsan Saif. The team arrested the culprits by using number which was visible during the video and traced the culprits.

Police’s timely action has earned praises of Lahore Police on social media. CCPO Nasir appreciated the timely arrest of accused and said, violence [of any nature] against women can never be tolerated and appreciated the police team for building the confidence of people in Lahore’s Police.


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