Lucman proposes a total lockdown and local elections

LAHORE, 25th March: With the surging number of the coronavirus patients in Pakistan, the government has announced a complete lockdown and safety precautions are being taken.

The government has also announced a relief package for the lower working class of the country to help them in need of the calamity.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, renowned journalist Mubasher Lucman today tweeted on his Twitter account that if the government of Pakistan announces a complete lockdown today and local elections after a month then there will be no hunger in the country.

Mubasher Lucman stating a solution to the current problems faced by Pakistan, says, that nobody in this country has to die of the virus and hunger if the government announces a lockdown as a safety measure and then the local elections after a month. There will be an immediate outcome, as the people will strictly follow the rules of the lockdown and stop moving around and the elected bodies will start distributing food and necessary item to the poor people.



“It is our responsibility to help each other, but sadly this is not the case,” Mubasher Lucman added.
Senior analyst advises people to help the needy as much as possible as only the charity given in Allah’s name can save humans from any calamity.

Mubasher Lucman pointed out that Allah Almighty has promised to remove the difficulties and misery in favor of charity. We should help the poor in difficult times and seek Allah’s pleasure.

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