Lucman Exposes the Secrets of House of Saud

Mubasher Lucman in his recent video informs that the rule in the Saudi Kingdom is shifting from Aal-e-Saud to Aale-Salman.

The crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman seems to be in a hurry to come into power. The world should get ready to see another ambitious and cruel King.

Lucman informs in his video on YouTube that people should not make a mistake that any of the world powers are not going to raise an eyebrow when this brutal power-hungry Prince sits on the power throne of Saudi Arabia.

Mind it the RSS mentality Modi, self-obsessed Trump and Boris Johnson all have problems of their own and they are very much aligned and allies of Prince Salman.


It seems that the current King Shah Salman is just a ceremonial figure as his health is not satisfactory and is suffering from dementia. It is heard that he loses track in a short span of time.

Muhammad BIn Salman’s cruelty can be gauged that he has put his own mother under house arrest and surveillance. Anyone who does not care about his blood relations like a mother or father cannot be considered as a trustworthy individual.

His flamboyant approach in handling state and foreign affairs has attracted trouble for Saudia, may it be a self-inflicted war on Yemen or ever stressed relations with Iran. Saudia has faced criticism even from its allies on matters like the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Lucman adds that MBS has been acting like a mafia don in the handling of affairs and especially his critics or opposition. He locked many royalties, businessmen at Ritza Carlton and later on some of them were freed after snatching major business and fortune in the deal. A similar fashion approach was used against women activists, clerics, and royal siblings.

Coronavirus, economic disaster, low oil prices, opposition and hatred from royal siblings are some concerns of Prince Salman who seem to control these by putting his Governor Uncle Prince Naif and others in prison.

According to Mubasher Lucman, Mr. Al Faghan was inleak in efforts for assassinating Prince Salman. This has given him the reason to give death sentence to all involved in this plot.

Allah knows better but it seems now Crown Prince Salman is all set to take over the thrown and fulfill his dream of limitless power on Saudia Arabia.

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