Man selling fake negative COVID-19 Test certificates Exposed


Twenty-one year old, Danyal Sajid, exposed for scamming people simultaneously putting lives at risk by selling fake negative reports of COVID-19. 

According to reports, the twenty-one year old, has been exposed for selling negative test reports so that tourists can travel during the ongoing pandemic. Sajid has been exposed after revealing the details of his dangerous operation to undercover reporters according to reports of The Daily Mail.

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The scammer, who works for a bank, has been selling fake COVID-19 certificates so that British tourists can travel abroad, and has so far sold the report template to clients for approximately £500.

Sajid has reportedly “boasted of blowing the proceeds on luxury cars and a prostitute” after travelling to Dubai last week, using one of his own fake documents according to The Daily Mail. In addition to this, the scammer is so drunk on the success of his illegal business, that he has no idea how much profit he has made till date.

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The Yorkshire based scammer, is hopeful that his business could boom once travel restrictions are lifted and people are looking to get the negative report certificate. Moreover, according to reports, Danyal Sajid in conversation with the undercover reporters added that he might start a side business as the vaccination programme starts and people require a “proof of their immunisation”.

He has reportedly said that it is very easy to exploit the loophole because it is nearly impossible for authorities to check whether the documents are authentic.

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Moreover, the scammer has publicly highlighted his business on social media. His snapchat account is full of images where Sajid is seen enjoying in Dubai alongside friends. He allegedly posted a picture of himself with the certificate, en route to Dubai, “For those who didn’t believe it worked.”

According to the reports of The Daily Mail, a correspondent of the Mail bought the certificate from Sajid for £75 which is less than one-third of the test and getting a genuine document. The test report is allegedly signed in the name of a “respected” private clinic chain doctor, SameDayDoctor, however, representatives have denied any connection with the scam and have expressed that they are “appalled by the fraudulent use of their documents”.

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