Mass Dolphin Slaughter – a New Record!!

Mass Dolphin Slaughter - a New Record

Copenhagen, Denmark: Mass Dolphin Slaughter was reported in the Faroe Islands, according to the BBC; locals were allegedly involved. 

It is claimed that this brutal act was done by the locals with knives and spears. A marine Biologist, Bajrini McLesson, said:

“The mass dolphin slaughter left the coast’s waters red, creating a grim picture. This is the largest number of dolphins that have died in a single day in Denmark.” 

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As per reports, the previous records stand at 1,200 in 1940, 900 in 1879, 856 in 1873 and 854 in 1938. Many people took to Twitter to express their concern.

Such extensive hunting of marine mammals is traditionally done in the Faroe Islands, and is called grinding. However, the tradition follows mainly whale hunting. While this act may be inhumane to some, it is a legal practice, which has been in operation for centuries. According to a government statement, about 600 pilot whales are caught here every year.

The Chairman of the local Wheelers’ Association, Oliver Jordarberg, told the BBC that the recent incident was “very shocking” and that many people were angry, but it has been allowed to do so by the authorities.

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