MBS in serious trouble: Mubasher Lucman

Lahore, 1st April: A very gripping video by Mubasher Lucman has surfaced on the YouTube Channel regarding the ongoing situation in Saudi Arab and Muhammad bin Salman.

The renowned anchor, Mubasher Lucman has released a video on his Official YouTube Channel, in which he has very simply explained the Saudi politics that is taking place. According to him, Saudi politics right now have taken after the famous series ‘The Game of Thrones’. It seems that a severe tug of war is at its peak and the Saudi crown prince seems to be losing his grip on the throne.

He feels that CIA is framing and plotting against him. The local disobedience, uprising and frequent violent armed attacks on the palace by Houthi tribesmen are all funded and supported by the CIA.

The fear is that not only the common public but all-important royal family members along the Mutawa controlling the Sharia matters are now against Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

The prince is a control freak and has been executing strong rules not only on public but his brother, uncles and royal personalities too. This act of harshness has mushroomed hatred and it is felt that soon MBS will lose his special status.

If Muhammad Bin Salman survives this latest series of the uprising, many more royal elites have to be sacrificed like what has been the case in history. On the other hand, the situation is very severe for the crown prince and he can no longer move freely without his security. Even the Tuwaaf of Khana Kaaba cannot be performed by him as he fears there is someone waiting to assassinate him.

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The economic situation of the country is also draining out. The Aramco is no longer on bullish trend rather with oil losing its ground, has made it a worthless commodity in the stock market.

A lot of Gulf countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will be facing a similar situation. Saudis have started terminating overseas employees and the other Gulf countries will follow suit.

It will not only stay at this level, but it is also expected that as Saudia has a major role in all neighboring countries a similar power change drive will erupt in other states as well. Bahrain has a history of suppressing such movements in the past. The next few months will be important in defining the course of action by Arab nations and the international impact of these changes.

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Muhammad Bin Salman’s own blood relatives are against him and are plotting on how to get rid of him. Unfortunately, the whole game of thrones taking place in the Kingdom is very brutal which may have its effect on the surrounding countries.

The coming weeks and months, will unfold the situation and it will get clear about who the next ruler will be? If MBS gets to rule the state, then a lot of important people will be sacrificed and if his allies get to govern then Muhammad bin Salman may get assassinated. One thing is clear that after all these events the face of the Saudi monarchy will change.

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