Mentally Handicapped Man Gets Married Without a Bride


Hyderabad: Residents of Tand o Fazal area of ​​Sindh married off a mentally handicapped person without a bride.

According to a private TV channel 24 News, a young man named Faisal, a resident of Tand o Fazal area, had a strong desire to get married, but given his mental health, it was impossible to marry him off with a bride.

According to the report, Faisal was dressed in a wedding robe like a traditional groom and was taken to the venue of the ceremony. According to the report, a stage was also prepare for the groom. The people of the area danced to the beat of drums and celebrated the occasion with full enthusiasm.

In his unconventional wedding, Faisal’s utter happiness was a sight to be seen.

The locals said that whenever someone got married, Faisal insisted that he should also be married off. Because of his constant desire, the villagers decided to arrange a wedding ceremony for him so that he would not complain the next time he saw other people getting married.

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