Thursday, September 28

Modi sworn in for second time in India


Narendra Modi has sworn in as Indian Prime Minister for the second time. Many senior Ministers of his cabinet have also taken oath.

According to the report, before taking oath, Modi went to the memorandum of Mahatma Gandhi and Atal Bahari went to the Samadhi. He took oath from Indian President Republic Ram Nath Kovind. Many ministers including Amit Shah, Rajanath Singh, Asmaniat Irani, Dharminder Parwan, also took oath. Narendra Modi also went to the memorandum of soldiers killed in the war.

In the oath-taking ceremony leaders of various political parties, ministers, high governors, along with important personalities of various areas and many foreign guests attended the ceremony.

Indian Prime Minister’s party BJP has succeeded with majority seats in elections. After becoming prime minister, extremism is more likely to increase.

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