Muslims should fight the Indian RSS under IK’s leadership: Arab Activist

Lahore, 29th May: Muslim Ummah should unite and fight the RSS under the leadership of Imran Khan, an Arab activist has announced.

According to a Baaghi TV report, an Arab social media activist wrote in a message to the Muslim Ummah on his Twitter account that our individual struggle against Hindutva fascism would not be so effective.

“I thank the Prime Minister of Pakistan for highlighting the plight of Indian Muslims and the people of Occupied Kashmir at the international level and for raising their issues. The entire Muslim Ummah must unite against the RSS.”

Modi is killing Kashmiris on RSS agenda: Imran Khan


It should be noted that hatred and poison against Muslims are spreading in India. The tools of the RSS spread all over the world are contributing to the conspiracy to insult Islam and Muslims. Modi has also given the color of sectarianism to the fight against coronavirus. The BJP government has accused the Tablighi Jamaat of spreading the virus.

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