Mustafa Zahid slams back news organisations for rephrasing him wrongly

His lighter reply to a follower came under spotlight

On social media giant; Twitter, singer Mustafa Zahid spoke out on the news organisations who wrongly rephrased him regarding Bollywood.

His follower inquired from him, “Sir, When are you returning to Bollywood?” to which he replied, “When Bollywood return to music.”

However, the above mentioned statement was twisted to make a news and create sensation against him by making headlines as ‘will return to music when Bollywood opens door again’. His statement clearly didn’t mean this but he replied to the question of returning to Bollywood. He didn’t mention about returning back to music, but to Bollywood.

He tweeted again with the screenshot of news shared with a his names, “This is absurd because none of these papers or blogs interviewed me in the first place . It’s absolutely FAKE and I expect both etribune and Etrendsdotpk to take it off NOW.”

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One of the above mentioned two news groups shared an apology.

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