Omicron: Islamabad encounters its first case of the new variant

ISLAMABAD: The first case of Omicron in Islamabad has been confirmed by DC Islamabad.
In this regard, according to the sources of the health department, the omicron variant of corona virus has been confirmed in a citizen of Islamabad. On the other hand, DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqat has also confirmed this.

Contact tracing of Omicron is underway in Islamabad after the first case of Omi Kroon came to light. District Health Officer Dr Zaeem Zia confirmed Omi Kroon in the city. DHO Dr Zaeem Zia said that Omicron variant was diagnosed in a resident of Islamabad, the citizen has no travel history abroad, the citizen has only travelled to Karachi. Dr. Zaeem Zia says that health teams are ready to deal with Omicron variant.

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