One more resignation from Imran Khan team


Islamabad (18th Oct, 2019):  Atta has stepped down as the PM’s focal person for polio eradication programme.

In a series of tweets, Babar Bin Atta wrote that he asked the Prime Minister to relieve him of his duties because of “family reasons”.

“When I look back, I am proud to say that I made all possible efforts to create that enabling environment where polio eradication is a top priority,” he tweeted.

Polio campaign kicks off Nov’4: Babar Bin Atta

Atta claimed that that a call centre will soon be inaugurated to register complaints of public and answer their questions related to polio immunisation drive. Pakistan’s first-ever perception management initiative will be rolled out by the end of October, he said.

Polio sensitization drive for parents to be launched

“Pakistan is in a position that will finally eradicate polio once and for all,” Atta said.

He resigned from his post at a critical time when the PTI government is being criticised for a growing number of polio cases. This year, seventy-three cases have been registered so far, which is the highest number of cases reported since 2015 in a year. In 2015, fifty-four cases were reported, 20 in 2016, 8 in 2017 and 12 in 2018.

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