Pak Army should be drawn out of North Waziristan, Mohsin Dawar sought help from Trump

Pashtun Protection movement leader Mohsin Dawar asked US President Trump for help against Pakistan army and the afghan agency along with NDS has launched a series of surgery against the Pakistani army and defense agencies.

According to the resources, After the firing at Pak Army check post in Mohsin-e-Mir Miran Shah, five people were injured and are missing since then. The PTM leadership has now opened the field against the pak army and has joing the propaganda campaign against Pak Army with Afghan intelligence agency NDS. The practical demonstration of this fascinating propaganda campaign came in view when Rahulullah Nabil, the head of NID secretariat of Afghanistan, supported PTM on Twitter and seeked help from US President Trump to remove Pak Army.

According to our resources, NDS leader wrote that Mohsin Dawar has said that the Pakistani army should be removed from wazirstan. US and other countries should support PTM because the purpose of PTM and the US is to clean North Wazirstan from terrorists. PTM is struggling for justice, therefore US should support them.

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