Pakistan reaches Asian Hockey Champions Trophy Semi-finals

Pakistan reaches Asian Hockey Champions Trophy Semi-finals

Pakistan hockey team on Sunday defeated Bangladesh 6-2 to take the third position in the Asian Hockey Champions Trophy and also secured a place in the semi-finals against South Korea.

According to the details, Pakistan had to beat the opposing team by 2 goals to get the third position in the tournament, so Japan, which lost 0-6 to India, would have lost its third position. Ejaz Ahmed and Ahmed Nadeem’s 2, 2 and Afraz and Mohammad Razzaq’s one goal each resulted in Pakistan defeating Bangladesh by 4 goals and securing third position in the tournament.

Arshad Hussain scored both the goals for Bangladesh. Pakistan took the lead over Japan by a goal difference as both teams had 5 points. South Korea is second with 6 points and India is first with 10 points.

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Before the match against Pakistan, Bangladesh had lost all three of its matches and an upset was needed for the Bangladesh team to reach the semi-finals. In the 13th minute of the match, Arshad Hussain of Bangladesh scored a goal to give Bangladesh the lead but Ahmed Nadeem of Pakistan equalised the match in the next minute.

After this goal, Pakistan scored 4 more goals in the next 20 minutes.

Ejaz Ahmed scored in the 18th minute of the match while Afraz scored in the 24th minute, 2 minutes later Ahmed Nadeem scored the second goal and Muhammad Razzaq scored in the 34th minute. Arshad Hussain scored the second goal for Bangladesh in the 34th minute but 4 minutes later Ijaz Ahmed scored another goal for Pakistan.

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Earlier, Herman Preet Singh took advantage of a penalty corner in the 10th minute of the match against Japan and in the 23rd minute Dil Preet Singh scored the second goal to give India a 2-0 lead. Singh scored the third goal in the 34th minute of the match, then in the next 7 minutes Harman Preet and Shamshir Singh helped India to victory.

Japan will face India again in the semi-finals on Tuesday and will have to focus on their game if they are to beat India. The semi-final between Pakistan and South Korea will also be played on Tuesday. The two teams also faced each other on Saturday, but the match ended in a 3-3 draw.

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