Pakistan should not remain silent on Delhi riots: Mushahidullah Khan

Lahore (28th Feb, 2020): PML-N Senator, Mushahidullah Khan, claims Pakistan should not remain silent on the Delhi riots.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the PML-N Senator addressed Senate under the Chairmanship of Sadiq Sanjrani, and discussed the Delhi riots. He stated that Pakistan should not remain silenced on the ongoing situation in Delhi. He added that we not only salute the Shaheen Bagh girls but, we also declare that we stand united with them in this difficult time.

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Moreover, he stated that there are approximately two lakh Muslims living in the Shaheen Bagh area where the Modi Sarkar’s candidate was badly deafeated by almost 1.5 million votes from the Indian Muslim community. Mushahidullah Khan added that the Delhi riots are a form of the BJP’s revenge against the defeat. He further claimed that Pakistan should lead the Muslim Ummah in support of Delhi-based Muslims. He argued that we are Muslims first and Pakistani’s second.

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Mushahidullah Khan further said that the Coronavirus has reached Pakistan and there is no minister of health as yet. There is no overseas Pakistani and Information Minister either. He added, that the government claimed there is no Foreign Minister. Seven Pakistanis in Wuhan have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, the public does not trust the government anymore, there is a rising concern.

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Additionally, he argued that protesters protesting against the controversial citizenship bill by Hindu extremists in Delhi were tortured, Muslims’ homes were burned, mosques were desecrated and a mosque was martyred. A shrine was burnt down in Bhajanpura, the mosque was set on fire in Ashok Nagar and the flag of Hanuman [Hindu deity] was hoisted on the minaret.

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The violence of Hindu extremists has left 37 people dead and more than 400 injured, as the police continue to extend their support to the Hindu extremists, due to which Hindu extremists continued to attack innocent Muslims. He added that even journalists were harmed in the process.

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