PALPA: Anti-state, bloodsucking union

PALPA damaging to national interests, perhaps the time has come for the government to disengage them.

Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) Club, is damaging to the national interests of state as they continue with anti-state and bloodsucking personal agendas amidst COVID-19 threat.

The PALPA is engaging in dirty politics by blackmailing the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management and coercing them into stopping flights aimed at bringing back the citizens stranded abroad.

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They continue with such under-the-table tactics despite the fact that PIA’s management has provided them with the required precautions. Moreover, they persistently refuse to fly the planes which are responsible for bringing back the Pakistani citizens.

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Meanwhile, proper hazmat suits and genuine 3M face masks are being imported from China under direct orders of the Air Marshal Arshad, according to reports of Baaghi TV. Reportedly, the media is yet to briefed about the decision to import the protective gear.

The PALPA body allegedly attempted to maintain dialogue with the Prime Minister but were turned away which has led to their unjust and anti-state actions of refusing to do their jobs. It is to be noted that PALPA is simply a union with no legal authority and should refrain from bloodsucking politics in this hour of need when the state needs every department to stand united and work for the protection of national interests.

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It is to be noted, that while PALPA has no legal authority they have cost the state and national airline a loss of billions by their actions to delay or even entirely stop the airline from functioning.

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The tax payer demands that these illegally formed and illegitimate functioning bodies and unions be immediately stopped from their actions by the Paksitan government. Moreover, the tax payer demands that the PIA staff be grounded with immediacy and staff laid off if they continue to support PALPA as the latter is nothing short of a blood sucking group of individuals who should be charged with mounting as well as fulfilling the the losses to the national exchequer.

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