PIA Air Crash Victims will now get Rs 10 million per passenger

Karachi, 04 August, 2020 : In an unprecedented move, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was able to convince the insurance company to pay an amount of Rs. 10 million per passenger instead of Rs. 5 million as allowed maximum limit in the Carriage by Air Act of 2012.

This will be in addition to already paid Rs 1.0 million towards funeral / burial expenses to the immediate family of the deceased passengers of the ill-fated PK 8303 flight of 22 May 2020. PIA spokesman said on Tuesday that letters are being dispatched to all the successors on record, in this regard.

The increase in compensation amount was result of personal rigorous follow up of CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik with the insurers who maintained that Rs. 5 million was too less. PIA has also paid Rs. 1.0 million to the young girl who passed away on the ground.

In addition to that Rs. 500,000 has also been paid to the two injured on ground. The spokesperson once again added that already paid amount of Rs 1.0 million is not part of the enhanced amount of Rs 10.0 million per passenger and is in addition to that.

PIA spokesman has said that PIA has completed the spade work and is awaiting Certificates of Guardianship and / or Succession from the legal heirs of the victims for expeditious process and early payment.

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