Tik Tok users have cause to celebrate?

The Peshawar High Court has reportedly ordered lifting the ban against the Chinese video sharing app, Tik Tok. 

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According to reports, the Court has ordered Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to take necessary steps to curb unethical content. Reportedly, the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, Qaiser Rashid Khan, has asked DG PTA what action has been taken to remove immoral material. To which DG PTA responded that the issue has been raised and a focal person has been hired to resolve the matter.

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According to reports, the Court has advised PTA to install a system which ca differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate content. The Court considered that once PTA takes action against users, they will stop uploading such content.

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Additionally, the Court ordered DG PTA to submit a detailed report during the next hearing scheduled for 25th May, 2021.

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