PIA Boeing 777 gets stuck on runway at Lahore airport

Lahore Airport: Another Aircraft, Another Runway, CAA Sleeping!

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 777-300ER registration AP-BHV after landing on Runway 36L as flight PK9760 from Jeddah remained on runway turn pad for about 55 minutes.

According to the details, the national flag carrier’s aircraft was unable to start backtracking after landing on Runway 36L and remained on the runway for 55 minutes from 6:23 AM to 7:18 AM.

Aircraft at 06:53 am (source: flight radar)

Boeing 777-300ER is a wide-body jet used on long-range routes therefore, a 180 degree turn especially for 777 -300 difficult at the end of the runway. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the Taxiway Charlie cannot be used on 36L because DHL aircraft is parked in there.

Aircraft at 07:18 am (source: flight radar)

It is to be remembered that a DHL Global Boeing 767-323 (registration A9C-DHU), Flight DHX512 was taking off from the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore when 6 tyres burst with hydraulic leakage as the aircraft was starting the take-off roll.

Lahore Airport Runway Temporarily Suspended… WHY?

As a result, the only functional runway of the Allama Iqbal International Airport has been blocked from past many days due to DHL Boeing 767 incident. The airport’s runway 18R/36L was blocked by the aircraft after it aborted take-off from Runway 36L on October 14, 2021 around 7:36 PM Pakistan Standard Time (PKT).

On December 31, 2014, PIA Boeing 777-200ER (aircraft registration AP-BGK) also stopped on turn pad after landing on Lahore Airport Runway 36L.

Bird hit cases on the rise, Wake Up CAA!!

Later, on September 4, 2020, the Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) stating that the ‘dimension of turn pad on Runway 18R are 320 feet x 250 feet (length x width). All pilots are advised to exercise caution while making turn on the turn pad Runway 18R.’

Such a shame for the Pakistani Civil Aviation Authority as it is hard to believe that more then 10 years after new airport and runway was built and still CAA is not able to fix 36L-18R runway which can be very helpful especially under these circumstances.

PIA plane hit by bird again, narrowly escapes crash

According to Baaghi TV sources, this is the fourth aircraft which got stuck on this runway. Sources claim that the surface strength of the runway is too soft due to which the Boeing 777-300 sinks in trying to make the turn.

Now the CAA must learn the lesson at least to re-built that runway with latest lighting system and enhance its length to 3200 meters so all kind of aircrafts can land even in worst conditions.

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