PM Imran Khan, the only hope for Sri Lankan Muslims

Lahore, 30th April: Muslims in Sri Lanka expressed outrage after the law was passed to ban Burqa in public.

Sri Lankan Muslims are outraged after the cabinet approved a ban on burqas.

Sri Lanka’s cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal to ban all forms of face veils, including burqas, in public places, citing threats to national security.

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Public Security Sarath Weeraskara first announced the ban in March, claiming that wearing a burqa was a sign of religious extremism.

Meanwhile, according to sources in Colombo, Sri Lankan Muslims have expressed their hopes to Prime Minister Imran Khan and demanded to raise the issue with the Sri Lankan government.

Sri Lankan Muslims believe that if there is anyone in the world who can take a stand for Muslims, then it is Imran Khan who can fight for their rights before the Sri Lankan government.

It is being heard that these Muslims are deeply disturbed by the attitude and indifference of the rulers of other Muslim worlds and now they have only one hope and that is the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

It should be noted that the Muslim population in Sri Lanka has been targeted by various policies in the past. In March 2020, the government ordered that the bodies of Muslims who died due to COVID-119 be cremated instead of being buried.

After Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the Sri Lankan government to end discrimination against Muslims during his visit to Sri Lanka, the government lifted the ban on burying corpses in February this year.

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