Social Activist Peer Tehleel from Kashmir helps COVID patients in India

Lahore, 30th April: A young Social & Human Rights Activist Peer Tehleel Manzoor from Srinagar, Kashmir has become a budding icon for the people of Pakistan after his relentless efforst in the time of pandemic.

He helpd people of his area fighting the battle against COVID-19. People constantly call him at his personal numbe to ask for the availability of hospital beds, in Delhi or elsewhere, for critical COVID patients.

Some call him to ask about Remdesivir, the much sought after COVID drug that’s reportedly in short supply with the virus spreading across India like wildfire.

His official Twitter page is full of providing help to needy people:

Peer Tehleel reveals that it has been very difficult to source the drug Remdesivir, but he is constantly in touvch with various sellers.

Reportedly, there is a severe shortage of oxygen cylindres and blood plasma of people who have recovered from COVID-19 over the past 12 months.

He says that there is a lot of panic in India over the recent distressing situation due to the coronavirus. People have stocked up the drug even if they don’t need it.

Peer Tehleel informed that his volunteers are convincomg people to register themselves for coronaviurus vaccination

“A lot of people, particularly in the rural area , do not know how to go about registering for the Covid vaccine. Some are uneducated or don’t know how to go about the enrolment physical cognitive operation even though they are eligible for the thrusting,” he added.

His volunteers help people to fill out the registration forms and in some cases helpo people to reach the vaccination centers.

“We also ensure that they can be taken from their homes for the jab and then brought back,” Peer Tehleel says.

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