PM Khan, Jemima Goldsmith Entangled in squabble with Maryam Nawaz

Prime Minister Imran Khan and former wife Jemima Goldsmith have been entangled in a spat with PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz, regarding privilege and anti-semitism, after the PM made comments on the latter’s son. 

According to reports, the Prime Minister made comments about Maryam Nawaz’s son, Junaid Safdar, for playing for Cambridge University’s polo team, calling it “a king’s sport”, signifying the high-society lifestyle the Sharifs led – which the PM stated to be with the nation’s stolen wealth.

This occurred after the PM saw Nawaz Sharif’s pictures in which Sharif was watching his grandson’s polo match at Cambridge. PM Khan has accused the former premier of corruption and laundering the public’s money abroad.

At these comments, Maryam Nawaz launched into a fit of anger wherein she stated that her son was the polo team captain and hence bringing honor to Pakistan, and although she didn’t wish to bring children into this, she would give “a fitting reply”, and went on to say that at least her kids weren’t being raised in the lap of Jews.

This prompted a response from Jemima Goldsmith in which she stated that she left Pakistan in 2004 due to the anti-semitism thrown at her.

This spat has caused an uproar in Pakistan, with opinions being very divided. Some are defending Maryam Nawaz, and others are defending Jemima Goldsmith.

It is to be noted, however, that in the decades since the formation of Pakistan, Jews, along with other minorities, have faced undeniable discrimination and oppression. Even today, there are cases of forced conversions.

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