Prime Minister Announces Tax Amnesty Scheme

Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan announced the tax Amnesty Scheme in his address to the nation. He  said that only one percent of 22 million people pay tax, no country can serve their people if its own people wont pay tax.

According to the report, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech assured the nation that he  guarantees that the tax money will be spent on them and their country, he also guaranteed that their money will not be stolen. Talking about the Tax Amnesty Scheme, he said that the government has got the easiest scheme to declare assets, which is till June 30, and all Pakistanis should show their assets under this scheme as institutions have all Information and new information is available every day.

Imran Khan said that if you serve Pakistan and declare your money, we can improve the future of our children and you will not be worried because no institute will question your assets. Economically, we will pass through these tough times.

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