Raising Kids in the Digital Era

Raising kids in this computerized era is a very challenging job, where children are going ahead of their parents thinking that they have their hands on absolute information and correct knowledge of things.

The generation nearly, thirty to forty years back, made most of the discoveries and inventions but, those technological items are being used by our children. So, fortunately for them, they become the bearers of all new concepts and their usage. These electronics while not a bad influence entirely, in my opinion, do require the monitored or the right usage as a matter of utmost importance and this is what we need to inculcate in our kids foremost for that to happen.


Quality Time with the Family:

The youngsters of this era require more attention and quality time of their parents, the lack of which leads them to find solutions of their problems else where. Social media networks provide the attention and entertainment which these kids require hence replacing their emotions with technological thoughts.

Maintain Balance between Mentorship & Friendship: 

The kids of this millennium are better equipped in terms of electrical gadgets and awareness all around. However it is becoming equally challenging  for us parents to raise them in a well balanced method. This generation is confused and chaotic in regards of speedy innovations, everyday is a day of learning for them and to cope up with all this they are perplexed. We as parents need to guide them properly as their mentor and a comrade.

A parent just cant spy on every little thing a child does on an internet, but what a parent can do is teach his kid those lessons so that he can sleep peacefully at night knowing his child is well guided.

[bs-quote quote=”The more walls we build, the more we are just creating little hackers who are just trying to get around the fence.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Devorah Heitner” author_job=”Founder, Raising Digital Natives.”][/bs-quote]

According to Heitner [founder for Raising Digital Natives], mentoring allows parents to create an environment where kids will feel comfortable talking to you about their digital activities. In short, you are to teach and trust.

We need to become their mentors rather than their bosses, and this is exactly what is testing our parenting. You cannot talk without a logical explanation to your child. Now even a five year old questions why he needs to limit his screen time when he can watch his shows on his tablet the whole day. So here comes the logic from a desperate parent, “because its not good for your brain and eyes.”

The truth is that they tend to become more materialistic and emotion less being glued to such gadgets. This thought must  be conveyed to the youngsters so that they are also aware of the drawbacks of these tools. When our kids will turn to their mobile phones for any type of guidance, information and enjoyment then definitely they will respond less to us, our emotions and advice.

We as parents need to have face to face daily conversation with them giving them advice and guidance in their matters. We need to keep on reminding them that they are humans with emotions and that they have to care for other people’s feelings too. If we are not able to give them proper time and attention then they will definitely seek other easy platforms.


Connect with your Child:

Be approachable to your child and listen to his/her problems. Connect with your child and let him know that you are there for him/her as a friend and a mentor so that he/she also connects with you rather than finding that link on a social media website. The people on such websites cant be a true friend so don’t let your child drown in such dreams.

However, your child may challenge your parenthood but it is you who has to help him/her out in any kind of a situation. Let him/her know the drawbacks of going digital, the detachment it creates in a person from others around, so that he/she stands responsible for his/her deeds.

REMEMBER: At the end of the day all children need counseling from their parent.

Parents need to learn digital skills along with their children and carry out some activities with them so that young ones get used to spending time with people and not the gadgets. The need of the hour is to raise a well balanced and a happy generation along with bright kids who are able to handle demands of the time to come.

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