Sakina Samo disappointed by this years’ Presidential Award for Excellence line-up

Baaghi TV has learnt that senior artist Sakina Samo has expressed disappointment over the distribution of Presidential Award for Excellence his year. 

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According to reports, the senior actor and director while talking to private media about the Presidential Award said, “It took me 40 years to reach this place”. Ms. Samo added that it is unfortunate that artists like Ali Zafar and Resham are being awarded when they have done nothing to achieve it. She further commented that she is satisfied with Bushra Ansari’s award for excellence and is of the view that we should recognize the services of veteran actress Uzma Gilani for contributions to the entertainment industry.

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On the occasion of the 23rd March, 2021 celebrations, President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi conferred awards to personalities from the fields of entertainment, education, social services, and medicine. These awards were granted to honour their invaluable services.

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Sakina Samo added, “I don’t think anything can stop the government from appreciating women if they have served the country. I think the choice of the Presidential Medal for Excellence is becoming increasingly simple and easy, leading to the neglect of many personalities who have dedicated their entire careers”.

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