Saving Second Home: Results of Gujrat Gymkhana Elections

The long campaign of the contestants contesting over the Grand slot, Rukhsar Mehlu has cruised his way to victory finally.

Let’s just go through the reasons;

First and foremost, the old veterans are holding their ground for sure.

Sometimes winning or losing hardly matters, the question remains, how you put up a fight.

Well done to both sides. The old members seem to have coalesced this time around. It was indeed more a question of the restoration of their honour. They have successfully bounced back according to details highlighted from the insiders. We congratulate the newly formed group of members and the Secretary alike.

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I still say the institution is supreme, we believe in the supremacy of the institutions. Any act in contravention with the existing rules of the club could be challenged and is greatly detrimental thereof. Nothing should be repugnant to the core value of the club which remains the very basis of any decent formation of civil members in a group or a club for that matter.

For the winning group, it is time they learnt from the follies of the outgoing team. For the losing ones, failure is just another threshold towards success. They better put their act together.

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Humility, humility and humility.

[bs-quote quote=”No winter lasts for ever, and no spring even skips its turn. To every night there is a morning, to every winter a spring.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan”][/bs-quote]

But presently the members must collectively take cognizance of certain matters which are still in limbo. The writ must be established. The decorum and the respect of members is of paramount importance.

Remember no person is here to stay forever. Great personalities are judged only by their acts and doings, punctuated with enough honour and dignity, wherein the memories thus created become ineffaceable.

We wish to see more halcyon days just like the old times. Keep us supplied, therefore, with reasonably good reasons to kvell.

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As for the newcomers, be gentle, humble, caring and most of all respectful.

According to W B Yeats.

[bs-quote quote=”I have spread my dreams under your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”William Butler Yeats” author_job=”Irish Poet”][/bs-quote]

Saving second home

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