Saving second home

Even the most entertaining places are now turning into the fiercest battle grounds. Candidates from the seemingly opposite groups are campaigning to get their choicest candidates in a push to have their hands in the Gymkhana pie, the election of our club will be held on the 25th.

For heaven’s sake.

Why do we make this entertainment club a battle ground dividing the members into more polarity divisions. For far too long the affairs in the erstwhile officers club were managed by the Worthy Deputy commissioner and the Secretary of the club alike.

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During establishment of the great Gymkhana Gujrat club and its body, some requisite formalities were not adhered to let alone the procedural formalities which were also greatly ignored. Some honourable members were axed to their utter disappointment. A motley crew of the chosen few were made to govern the affairs and regulate the financial matters to cover up all financial impropriety in making of Gymkhana Gujrat.

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Nothing to implicate the present lot.

You can't build a mausoleum on the graves of the many who have been the very foundations of the erstwhile club and its glory for a good number of years.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

These are now the ones whose names were struck off without being actually asked to what really the matter was. It caused a lot of humility anguish and pain to many. All this was done in a haste to realize certain objectives. The District head has to be the one calling a spade a spade. Striving towards getting the rightful members what is rightfully theirs.

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Governance requires a certain degree of neutrality and fair play. Governance no doubt is a learning process. If you can't respect or maintain the dignity of your members, there is no need for any further developments.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

The victims have wrestled the impact of this undue conduct for maintainability of peace and congeniality in the house. We have voiced our concerns time and again. It’s high time the authority took the right decision. Now that the new election is on the anvil and as I go forth to pen my words, I am apprehensive of the very future of the newly formed members. Their membership must continue in perpetuity. Certain safety valves and laws are to be incorporated, in order to put certain restriction which prevents any foreseeable ouster thereof.

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Any body for that matter must be given a fair chance or a show cause notice must be served lest a decision is exercised arbitrarily. For they are honourable and come from all shades of life and make a major bulk of the size of this body.

The greatness of the sons of the soil can be measured by the fact that three quarters of the funds for Gymkhana were arranged by the members themselves. My view about the upcoming election therefore is something I completely denounce. For it has to be a place which is more like a family in a club.Their second home.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

This could be a game changer for they all can be together forever and one in the literal sense of the word. We could sit and think for matters like cleanliness, eco-solutions the menace of waste, raising alms for the poor, and many such projects. This is no time to create gulf and widen the gap between members it’s rather time to bridge gaps and strive for the well being of the members and masses belonging to the same city of the same district.

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My humble submission, therefore, would be that contesting groups must work out modalities for evolving a single policy framework.

The constitution which revolves around a single pivot, has to be amended, a ten member collective body from both the groups must constitute, allowing them to nominate each member from the either side alternatively. One member from each side every year. Interested candidates would be interviewed and present their manifestos.

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This may avoid the tension between the members. This is no place to show muscle and brawn. As if we did not have enough problems as it is. Join hands for the very well being of our own selves. Let’s not sow the seeds of discontent.

Let’s save our home!

This is no place to show muscle and brawn. As if we did not have enough problems as it is. Join hands for the very well being of our own selves. Let's not sow the seeds of discontent.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Sigh of relief

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