Senior TV host shares opinion on Marvi Sarmad, Khalil ur Rehman issue

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar vs Marvi Sarmad: Mubasher Lucman shares his opinion

Pakistan (6th Mar, 2020): Senior journalist and talkshow host, Mubasher Lucman, shares his opinion on the Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar vs Marvi Sarmad debate. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, senior journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman has said that there has been a riot on the media and social media for the past two days, the drama that started with a TV show [Merey Pass Tum Ho] has reached Twitter, Facebook; and consumers appear to be mainly split into two factions.

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Some saying why not be abusive? While others say that a brick is answered by stone. Somebody is saying my body is my will, and someone else says my language is my will.

Mubasher Lucman added that it did not start suddenly, some people in our country do not feel comfortable, they do not live in peace or let anyone live.

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The fact is that the political environment is stable, the PSL is running, people are coming out of depression raising their voices against Indian oppression, but some people do not want to be at peace, now that is what Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has done. It cannot be ignored.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Pakistani Journalist, Anchorperson & Talkshow host

They should be banned on TV for a short time, banned for at least three months. A writers words are his/her weapon of choice, his/her tool. If someone uses harsh words, people will of course criticize your actions. Those who are literate, and/or related to literature, if they use such [abusive] words, it is extremely wrong. However, what is unfortunate is that, unfortunately, the Women’s March has also become a symbol of revolt and hatred against men in society.

There are also good men in every society. If you take a bad example and apply it to all the men in the society, it is a mistake“: Mubasher Lucman.

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The talkshow host further added that women are also very good, maybe a few who can talk, but should not talk. A woman is a mother, a sister, a daughter every man respects and seeks paradise under her feet, protects her, fulfills her needs towards a fulfilled life. While a woman who has the future of the nation in her hands, dedicates her whole life in pursuit of nurturing her children [especially sons] so that the son can grow up to be a good brother, husband, son.

What does it mean if a woman marches in such a manner with a banner that her time has come and such strange markings are made, cigarettes in her hands? Smoking is harmful to everyone, I should have the right to have equal salary that men get is what women get but why smoking? Cigarettes do not see whether it is men or women who use it, smoking treats them equally.

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Mubasher Lucman added, “Mera jism, meri marzi” [my body, my decision] is being greatly misunderstood. While the number of children should be decided by women, it is rightfully the decision of both, husband and wife, but if one makes a decision the other partner should not mind, but if you write on the placard … I do not want to use words, the pictures used are also not tolerable.

No society tolerates sexual immorality. Go to any country in the world where there is freedom of all kinds, there will be traditions according to them“: Mubasher Lucman.

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He also added that another placard came out in March that stated “I can warm the food but …”, I do not want to say the whole thing because the children are also watching, what does that mean? The equality of women does not mean that they should be sent to the border with arms, it also doesn’t mean that we should make them carry two-and-a-half kilogram bags of flour and/or cement sacks because the men are doing their work at home. No it’s not.

No one has given more rights to a woman than the religion of Islam.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Pakistani Journalist, Anchorperson & Talkshow host.

Mubasher Lucman added that the placard looks like the purpose of marrying women is something else. Something controversial was broadcast into the world, and then people started doing shows to keep “sentiments” from getting hurt. The show calls for a controversial figure who is in awe of himself. The less I talk about it, the better it is that by making controversial statements on the BBC and TV, he [Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar] has become a self-made intellectual.

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Now, he is asking people to pray for him in a recent video so that he can succeed in the mission and end indulgence. This is not a problem of the people. Rather these efforts are being made to divide the people. The idea of a revolutionary march is being released, Khalil, on the other hand, has stepped into the field to curb infidelity. Things that Khalil Sahib considers legitimate may be considered indecent, I know a lot of people in my relatives’ house who are also forbidden to watch TV and watching movies is considered a very bad thing. Khalil says write a movie, write well.


Mubasher Lucman added that the law is made for the society and not for any one person. It is a conspiracy to confuse the public which is not even a problem of the people.

On the other hand, look at the slogans of the Woman March, “Divorced but happy”, the morals of these slogans do not fit in with our society.

Woman marchers should be asked what are their goals?

Mubasher Lucman Senior Pakistani Journalist, Anchorperson, & Talkshow host.

Women marcher should be asked what their goals are? Funded NGOs, by taking money, and chanting slogans of “my body, my decision” are trying to fool the women of this country, because it is neither a social issue nor an economic problem.

I see that Abhinandan is caught, Kalbhushan is caught, and some women come with placards to protest in their favor, but when 18,000 girls were raped in Kashmir, they had no voice. Yes, the women marchers did not protest.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Pakistani Journalist, Anchorperson, & Talkshow host.

Now what is happening in India, why don’t we talk about how the women were humiliated in Shaheen Bagh in Delhi? Aren’t they women? Don’t they have rights?“: Mubasher Lucman

Pakistan is one of the countries where the woman was made chief executive.

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Women in Pakistan do not have the same problems as in other countries. Nobody knows of the problems of working women here. The obstacles to solving women’s real problems are women themselves.

Just take a look at last years’ Women’s March, what do they want to make of our women? Those who are abused, the acid is thrown. Shouldn’t we speak up for them?“: Mubasher Lucman

Mubashir Luqman added that we should ask Women Marchers this question, that does being liberal mean that I can use foul language? Should I get undressed and start doing my shows? Since I am a liberal, I can do and/or should do whatever comes to my mind?

That is not freedom!

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What about a woman like Razia Sultana? She ruled the entire subcontinent without calling herself an independent woman. What about Fatima Jinnah? Who worked side by side with men, and had more women than men at the forefront in making Pakistan. Why does no one talk about the problems of the women who work day and night just so they can burn their stove and provide for their families? 

Is this a conspiracy then?

We should work to end this. We should not leave behind this the substance of endurance. This is the beauty of our society that makes the men honor women while women build the strength of men.

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No matter how much we condemn, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s choice of words, it is less than what he deserves. Another major reason for this split is the tweets shared between Marvi Sarmad and Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. The manner in which the two conducted themselves on the show is nothing short of cruel. This should not have been done.

Uncivil conversations cannot be allowed in society.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Pakistani Journalist, Anchorperson, & Talkshow host.

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