Sindh Government’s Drugs Discovered in Larkana Graveyard

Bilawal’s challenge gone in a few hours

Larkana: The drugs of the Sindh government have been discovered in a Larkana graveyard. According to sources, in an operation for recovering the government’s store of medicines, the police discovered them in private warehouses and even in a graveyard. Sources say that 26 cartons of medicines have been discovered in a graveyard near Dargah Qaim Shah Bukhari in Larkana.

It should be clear that a few days ago the police recovered drugs worth 2 crore rupees from two private warehouses, and the three arrested at the time pointed out the store at the graveyard. According to the police, on information received from the three accused, the staff of Chandka Hospital have also been interviewed for statements.

According to the police, the accused had dumped the medicines in the graveyard and run away to avoid arrest. It should be noted that the Sindh Government’s Not For Sale stamp is present on the medicines recovered in Larkana, and the Chief Minister of Sindh had also ordered the investigation of the event.

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