Teenager kills friend over video game conflict

13-year-old kills his 12-year-old friend in Karachi

A 13-year-old boy killed his 12-year-old friend over a dispute of video game in Gulberg area of Karachi on Monday.

According to the details, the two friends, Raju identified as the murderer and Shahzaib as the victim, were playing an arcade game from where they had hot argument leading to physical fight. Raju reportedly killed the other teenager and fled from scene.

Shahzaib was taken to hospital but lost his life while on the way. According to the owner of the gaming club, the incident took place when he was away to offer prayer and the other players in the shop told him about Raju and Shahzaib’s fight.

Police have opened investigation on the matter and soon will reach the conclusion.

The aggression among the youth now is raising to an alarming position and it has to be treated and stopped on time before its too late.

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