The rise of digital media and its impact on Pakistan

Our homeland Pakistan has been a target of enemy forces for decades. Anti-Pakistan elements are trying to propagate against the country in various ways and tarnish Pakistan’s image around the world. These nefarious intentions of the enemy forces are detrimental to the stability and development of the country.

The enemies propagate against Pakistan through various means, one of which is the media. In order to stop these propagandas against Pakistan, it is necessary to counter these propagandas and bring forwards the real facts.

There are only a few media outlets in the country that work for the stability of Pakistan to expose the propaganda of the enemy forces. Media platforms like Concept TV and Baaghi TV in Pakistan are trying to expose the propaganda against the country and present a soft image of it.

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Concept TV itself is the digital media news platform that broadcasts news in three languages, Urdu, Pashto and English simultaneously. It focuses exclusively on the development and promotion of peace in the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Many elements try to disrupt peace in the tribal districts, but such media platforms aim to expose the propagandas there.

They also promote the positive image of Pakistan and also do fact-check on the disinformation and propaganda against the nation. They have been working on exposing Indian Brutalities in Kashmir and have done a lot of work on Afghanistan’s interference in Pakistan using different religious & ethnic proxies.

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At this time, for the stability of our homeland, there is an urgent need to stop the spread of disinformation and news in this era of information warfare. Since the rise of digital media the flow of information is very fast and we need digital platforms like this who can play their part helping our beloved country fight the information warfare.

In this regard, the government of Pakistan and the people should also play their full part.

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