Exploring Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

The theme of the Pakistan pavilion at the Dubai Expo is to introduce Pakistani culture and region by showcasing the hidden treasures and wonders. This is the best platform to show the hidden potential behind the scenic beauty of Pakistan, and how safe it is to the world.

The pavilion is divided into 8 sections where one can get experience from Pakistani handicrafts to the delicious regional foods. The best thing about the pavilion is Balochistan which is taking the lead and showing the world its beautiful culture.

Exploring Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai



On its first day at Expo 2020, the Pakistani pavilion recorded 8000 visitors including some high-profile visitors Abdul Razak Dawood, Federal Minister, and Advisor to the Pakistani Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment. Talking to the media, he said:

“It’s an absolute honor to represent Pakistan at this stage with the glittering vibrant pavilion which depicts the hidden treasures of Pakistan.”

He was very thankful to the Pakistani artist Rashid Rana for his efforts in designing and creating this beautiful pavilion with twenty-four thousand different pieces depicting different rays of colors individually made and designed and placed at the opening of the pavilion.

Afroz Abro who is leading the Pakistani Pavilion at programming and marketing was very much happy at the good number of attendances on an opening day and is very much positive for the coming days. Talking to the media, she said:

“The opening day was much busier than we expected. While during the day we recorded a good attendance of 5,000 people, by evening the crowd had swelled up and we recorded visits of around 8,000 excited people from around the world.”

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One of the popular stalls at the pavilion is the Pakistani ‘Dhaba’ that is featuring the county’s old cuisine serving different region’s food to the global audience. It is one of the most crowded and busiest places at the expo. People are loving the Pakistani food and sitting as well. Talking to the media, Abro said that the response we are getting at our stalls is outstanding and boosts our confidence. She was very thankful to the Expo 2020 Dubai for this brilliant platform that allows us to show the world Pakistan’s positive image and bring the hidden treasures of Pakistan to the world. It allows us to dispel the misconceptions and doubts about Pakistan.

Pakistani pavilion is designed such that one can experience the real Pakistan. The pavilion sections covering different sections of Pakistan including mountain regions, Indus Valley civilization, etc.

Hidden Treasures:

The main theme of the Pakistani Pavilion is the hidden treasures of Pakistan. People come to the pavilion and discover the treasures and wonders of Pakistan. This helps to showcase and discover the unique and little-known aspects of the country.

The art curator of the pavilion is the top Pakistani artist Noor Jehan Bilgrami, who put together the theme. The theme represents Pakistan’s past, present, and future in such a peculiar way that reveals its rich and glorious history, culture, and traditions of different regions and how each region is woven together to represent Pakistan.

The Pakistan pavilion displays everything from the start of civilization to Pakistan’s history to the present, as well as what level Pakistan aspires to attain.

Journey through the Pavilion:

As you walk into the pavilion, you go through the eight different sections of the pavilion which shows you the colors of Pakistan uniquely and interestingly. Let’s walk through the pavilion.

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You enter through the door which has hand-beaten copper triangles on it showing the old traditional doors. The Kashi work done on the ceiling is done exquisitely beautifully. As you pass the entrance, you come into the pottery section where earthenware pottery, jewelry, and handmade toys are placed sequentially. Replicas of the 5000-year-old Indus Civilization are also placed in that section. Beginning with a magnificent contemporary brass sculpture (based on Mehrgarh’s pottery) by artist Fahim Rao, a beautifully painted chronology by artist Naveed Sadiq illustrates numerous historical eras in the miniature style. Pakistani artists showing the true picture of Pakistan in a very profound and explicit way. Visitors loving their journey through the pavilion is very encouraging for the organizers.

Pieces of colorful mirrors were installed in a pathway that represents the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and this narrow and bright passage were mesmerizing the visitors and leaves them in their imaginations.

After this, a dark passage led to the heart of the pavilion which is specially dedicated for the sacred spaces of Pakistan heralded with bells and drums. Light fillers painted the walls with the Wazir Khan mosque crafting.

The shop with the cultural art and craft works is also a part of the pavilion and visitors were enjoying the visit through the job and get insights from different artifacts. The pavilion will be open for the next six months and will host several entertainment and business events.


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