The Pitiful Sympathizer: Woman and our Society

A “Woman” has been defined by the great saint of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai as love, sympathy, tolerance, and decorum of home.

On the first hand, she is the decorum of the house in the shape of a mother. On the other hand, she decorates the house in the shape of a wife. A woman who puts her life at risk to deliver a baby yet is considered, a curse of Allah, by our society. It has been proved from medical researchers that when a lady delivers a baby during the delivery time she remains on the point of death.

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Undoubtedly, a woman is a symbol of love, Allah the sublime has put love in every human heart, but specifically in the heart of children for parents. When a girl gets nourishment by her parents their love remains in the heart of the girl till death, but when she ties the knot she forgets everything slowly and gradually. So that she is a sign of love because she loves her husband more than her parents. It is crystal clear that she is a great lover of her husband. She is a great sympathetic for her husband in the world. When the husband doesn’t have anything to run the house she is the one, the only one, who tries hard to help the husband in such a difficult time. For instance, she sews clothes and works to collect money for helping her husband. A woman has great tolerance in her life after marriage, even if she faces great hardships. However, she remains mum at home. She is tortured mentally as well as physically. Having these kinds of punishment still, she prays for that one who beats her black and blue.

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Without an iota of doubt, a woman is decorum of house in the world. If anybody peeps into the house of those people who have no mother and no wife their house looks like a cemetery. There is no sweet voice of mother as well as sweet voice of children. Their house possesses no beauty, only dust remains in their house. When there is a woman at home it looks like a garden full of fruit. The woman is one who leaves no stone unturned to fulfill every requirement of households. She tries to decorate the house with different colors to show other people that I like my home and love it. She remains hungry and thirsty but facilitates her household people.

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Moreover, a woman renders such services everywhere, however, she is degraded at every place. Sometimes she is a mother and sometimes she is a wife. When she is a mother, she is dislodged on minute matters and is thrown out of the home. Some days she spends her days under the tree but never curses her children. Somewhere she is not provided with health facilitates. When she remains unhealthy, it’s considered no problem whatever she suffers so that there is the great curse of Allah almighty.

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Being a wife, she suffers a lot of problems but she remains silent and does not ask any word only she curse her fate that it had been written in my kismet otherwise, I would not have faced such troubles. She is not provided with her basic rights: She is not provided new clothes on different occasions; she is not allowed to attend any reforming meeting even if she is not allowed to visit her parent’s house only she is allowed once in a blue moon because she is considered as a legacy of husband whatever should be done it’s allowed. Her voice is suppressed by every means. She wastes her whole life as if she were serving jail time till her demise.

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To conclude, our society has been hell, especially, for women such cases have been increasing day by day like wildfire. There is no respect for women in our society. On every upcoming day, they are being raped and killed ruthlessly. By the way, Our media has to raise its voice for such women who have no support except Allah, the sublime in the world. The govt has to enforce such laws to protect their basic rights whatever they deserve in life and protect their lives from those people who want to kill them.

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This Opinion has been contributed by Sohrab Khan. He is pursuing a Bachelors in English from Iqra University Karachi.

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