Truck Accident at Airport Leaves Vehicles Badly Damaged

July 25, 2021: 2 PIA vehicles collided with one another in an unknown airport, near the apron area, close to Bay No. 21, at 11:30 am. 

According to reports, the truck, marked no. 2031, was driven by one Muhammad Jahangir and was going to the aircraft to upload the passengers’ luggage for Gilgit flight PK 6601, when it suddenly collided with another PIA coaster, marked no. 1583, driven by one Nasir Shehzad.

Both the vehicles hit each other, causing significant damage to the trucks, but fortunately, both the drivers remained unharmed.

Furthermore, details also state that thankfully, no damage to the aircraft or the luggage occurred. The people in the surroundings were also safe and unharmed.

Reports state that the PIA security and the Civil Aviation teams are diligently investigating the matter, and will ensure prevention of such incidents in the future, for the safety of all the staff, passengers as well as their luggage.

It is to be noted that truck accidents are not infrequent in Pakistan. Although this was a relatively minor incident, far more major incidents occur every other day, which usually results in loss of lives and grave injuries. The only solution is to get trained professionals, who can handle these vehicles.

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