Turkey attracts some $5.4B int’l investment in Jan-July

ANKARA, Sep 24 (XINHUA/APP):Turkey attracted $5.42 billion in net international direct investment from January to July this year, the Industry and Technology Ministry announced Tuesday.

In seven months, the sum of net foreign direct investment (FDI) recorded a 13.3% decline year-on-year, compared with $6.25 billion in the same period of 2018.

As the leading item on the overseas direct investment account, equity investment direct inflow to Turkey was around $3.6 billion. The EU was the main origin of this amount with a share of 50.2%.

The U.K. ($631 million), the Netherlands ($438 million), and Germany ($189 million) were the top three European sources of direct capital inflow over the same period.

“In January-July this year, $1.04 billion of the total equity capital entry was in the manufacturing sector,” the ministry said. It was followed by the financial inter mediation sector with $729 million and the wholesale and retail trade sector with $597 million.

Last year, Turkey attracted $13 billion in net international direct investment, nearly $6.7 billion of which was equity investment inflow.

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