United Nations Must Act On Kashmir Issue, Imran Khan

Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has urged the United Nations (UN) to must act on Kashmir issue.

According to details, Imran Khan has stated Kashmir is been lockdown from last 52 days, United Nations must act on this, It’s the responsibilty of security council to solve the issue of Kashmir. While talking to media persons in New York, Imran Khan lashes out at Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. “Modi is an active member of terrorist organization “RSS” he killed 2 thousands people in Gujrat, I have talked to Modi before 5th of August, but what is the point of talking now?” Imran said. Imran Khan again warns the world that there could be nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

While thanking Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Imran Khan said “I am very thankful to Erdogan because he raised the issue of Kashmir in United Nation, we have good relation with Turkey”

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