Uzma Bukhari: Punjab is running on donations and alms

Uzma Bukhari said: It is a good coincidence that Punjab, like the federation, is also running on donations and charities. 

Reacting to the disappearance of life-saving drugs from the market, Azmi Bukhari said that 30 million tablets for fever are missing from the market in Punjab.

She stated:

“Dengue has spread in Punjab to an alarming extent, Punjab government and district administration is limited to closed room tea biscuit meeting, Usman Bazdar left 110 million people at the mercy of Chinese mafia and dengue mosquito family. Usman Bazdar has not even learned to speak or write in three years.”

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Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Punjab spokesperson also questioned:

“When the Chief Minister’s House will have control over witchcraft and WhatsApp, how will the condition of the province improve? Usman Bazdar and his incompetent ministers belong to the eating nation and recite hymns to their captain.”

Uzma also mention that inflation, unemployment, poverty and dengue are the gifts of the Prime Minister to the nation.

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