Web series ‘Churails’ rocks all over

Lahore, 12th August: The first-ever action- thriller web series by Pakistan ‘Churails’ was released yesterday, 11th August on Zee5.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, series ‘Churails’ has caused a stir all over the world right after its streaming on the internet.

As reported by Baaghi TV earlier, web series ‘Churails’ directed by Asim Abbasi, is supposed to be a bold and classy presentation. It’s for the first time ever that such a series is being produced for an Indian web channel Zee5.



Director Asim Abbasi’s web series ‘Churails’ tells the story of four married women who become spies after their husbands’ infidelity.

The four women are seen exposing husbands who cheat on their wives. When they become spies, they see many ugly faces in society.

These women then face horrific realities such as child marriage, child abuse, forced marriages, poverty, crime, race, and suicide.

In the web series, Sarwat Gilani has played the role of Sara, Yasira Rizvi has played the role of Jagnu, Nimra Bacha has played the role of Batool, and Mehrabano plays the role of Zubeida.

An Indian Newspaper, The Indian Express described Pakistan’s first original web series, ‘Churails’, as a series to portray women in strong roles, which include prostitution, child exploitation, child marriage, and obscene attitudes towards women are exposed.


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The first teaser of web series ‘Churails’ is out