Well-Sung Heroes of Corruption

OH! Mr. Nadir Shafi Dar,

Do you have any limit on your lust for money?

Oh! CAA Pakistan who’s Regulatory are you?

Appeal From Aviators, who have spent millions on their flying but for last few years they are denied their legitimate, fundamental bona fide right to appear in CAA Examination and to acquire their licenses to begin their flying career.

CAA Pakistan is an autonomous body with huge earning from domestic aviation companies and foreign airlines.  Declined performance of CAA is the cause of the failure of Pakistan’s aviation industry, where the failure of CAA to establish its examination system in line with ICAO findings is a recent most serious concern.

After licensing issue CAA has established a complete Licensing Directorate to formulate examination process, but this directorate has failed to establish its examination system because it is filled with employees against merits by DDG CAA Mr. Nadir Shafi Dar, who has deliberately appointed his own incompetent team in CAA licensing to let it fail so that he has the reason to outsource the CAA examination system to UK CAAI, which is a private limited company and not an entity of UK Government.

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Mr. Dar is trying to outsource CAA licensing to CAAI for his own motives of undercut and in corroboration with Licensing Director and he did not make any effort to put its own examination system in order since 2020, to cleverly misguide the aviation ministry that the incompetence and failures of CAA Licensing Directorate are the reason that ICAO findings are not addressed. He did this planning to persuade the DG CAA and Aviation Ministry to outsource the CAA pilot’s examination system with the objective to accommodate UK CAA International Limited to fetch his share from CAAI. As a matter of fact, UK CAAI has no regulatory link with European Union Countries after UK’s exit from the European Union.

As a matter of fact, after misleading the DG and the Aviation Ministry now he is trying to make fool of the Prime Minister for outsourcing of CAA examination system for his own concern to make undercuts from UK CAAI.

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Instead of going to EASA, Mr. Nadir chose UK CAAI, which has no say in the European Union, and thus it will not be beneficial for Pakistani aviation. Had it been European Union EASA, it would have opened at least 27 countries for PIA and other Pakistani airlines, thus allowing own country’s aviation business to expand.

PPRA did play its role in the interest of Pakistan, however, it is learned that Mr. Dar and his associates in corruption have played their smart role in undoing the good job done by PPRA of highlighting the illegalities of outsourcing of CAA examination system to a single body.

Case of failure of Licensing Directorate is a measured scheme from Mr. Nadir Shafi Dar with the aim to deploy his own incompetent team in Licensing Directorate to deliberately let CAA Licensing fail. In my estimation, Mr. Dar has done it with mala fide intentions to let new DG and new Secy. Aviation fails to run the aviation industry so that he is made the next DG CAA.

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After the failure of Licensing directorate, why DG CAA and Aviation Ministry is not asking new Director Licensing to show cause, for his failure to establish CAA own examination system in line with the recommendation from ICAO, which has not never asked CAA Pakistan to stop its examinations rather ICAO suggested to remove some anomalies before issuing licenses.  ICAO recommendations were never followed since the intended contract with UK CAAI involves some kickbacks for some people in CAA Regulatory.

Instead of improving its own system, Mr. Nadir Shafi has deceived the higher authorities that CAA Licensing is a failure, whereas CAA has recently appointed a highly competent man as Director on a huge salary, who in the past had been serving CAA Pakistan as Principal Director Regulatory.

Therefore DG CAA, Aviation Ministry, and Prime Minister are requested to call CAA Examination personal, especially newly appointed Director Licensing in person that what why there is so much delay and what is causing that the replies to ICAO findings are not being addressed.  It looks that ICAO finding not addressed purposely to pave way for the outsourcing of exams to UK CAAI to gain own monetary paybacks.

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