Samsung’s Latest Jaw Dropping Invention

Samsung has been experimenting with a lot of work on foldable smartphones lately. Yet so far, there has been no device as flexible as the paper. Chances are, the South Korean company may introduce a real foldable device in the form of a laptop soon, a concept model of which it also showed in a video in May 2021.

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According to a report from Samsung Mobile, a 17-inch foldable laptop/tablet hybrid device can be developed. This device will be called Galaxy Book Fold 17.

A Twitter user shared some details about the device; however, we are waiting for more information.

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So far, we know it will have a flexible 17-inch display and a touch screen keyboard from Samsung. As Samsung’s concept video suggests, the device could be used as a laptop as well as a foldable tablet.

Even though it is too early to say anything about the other features of this laptop, but the features highlighted in the video are beyond advanced.

In the video, the device did not have a bezel, and while an under-display camera was provided, there are chances that the camera may not be installed inside the display.

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Considering that Samsung had introduced its first under-display camera phone in the form of Galaxy Z Fold 3, the presence of this technology in a 17-inch laptop/tablet would not be surprising.

It is unknown to us what the plans are to do, but more details are yet to come in the upcoming weeks.

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