What did the Muslim community do to defeat Trump and his bigotry?

Baaghi TV: US presidential election is over, final results awaited. Both Trump and his rivals are claiming victory.

US daily Covid-19 cases hit new record, topping 99,000: Johns Hopkins

Bank of England to unveil more stimulus as lockdown resumes

Expressing his sentiments, a Democrat Muslim said, “Regardless of the outcome of the election, I can say with certainty that we have won. The journey of Trump and his partners in crime to spread hatred and prejudice began with a very racist agenda. His idea was that, if Muslims say they believe in Islamic jurisprudence, then Muslims should be evicted. All Muslims must be banned from coming to the United States. Mosques should be monitored, but because of discrimination and hate speech, the Democratic Party increasingly stood as a wall against this racist agenda. Eventually Trump and his allies found themselves helpless in the face of our resistance”.

Biden takes big stride to winning presidency, Trump claims fraud

Rs 79 bln Leh Expressway project to provide relief to common citizens, PM told

“During this four-year journey of oppression, minorities, including Muslims, have come under fire. Places of worship were vandalized, women wearing hijabs were harassed, job discrimination, children bullied in schools. Immigration bans, and finally how can anyone forget names like Jeremy Christian, Adam Porton, James Jackson, and Dylan Roof? How can one forget the hate-filled murder of these people?”

RSS-backed Indian govt failed to suppress freedom sentiment of Kashmiri’s

Palestinian fires on Israel troops, is shot dead: Army

“We won! In addition, there was a significant increase in minority voter registration, actual voting and participation in the political process. Our children became increasingly involved in the political process. Many new minority faces appeared in the state and the National Congress. We showed strength with each other. We worked as a team – as chefs, fundraisers, encouraging all friends to vote.”

Denmark to cull millions of minks over mutated coronavirus: PM

107 Pakistanis return home from India via Attari-Wagah border

“I see the victory of these forces, who are constantly fighting for America’s only and fundamental values! Hand in hand with Fadi and others who really care about the United States and its future. We will march, this is our victory. That is our destiny. In Indiana, Fadi, a Muslim, won the state assembly. Fadi won the election, thank God.”

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