Whatsapp feature to view chats without opening them

Sept 20, 2021: Whatsapp, arguably the most popular instant messaging app, has launched a new feature allowing users to view chats without having to open them.

WhatsApp is reportedly the most used messaging app. Even so users find that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the messages, there are times when users do not want to open the entire app to read their messages.

While there is a clear way to read WhatsApp messages by extending the notification in the notification panel, there are multiple ways to check messages without opening the app.

Now, by following a few simple steps, users can easily view the chat without opening the chat window;

1. Go to the home screen and long press on the display, by which a menu will pop up on your smartphone screen.

2. Now click on Widgets, where you can find lots of shortcuts. Choose shortcuts for WhatsApp.

3. This will lead to different WhatApp widgets where you will be required to chose “4×1 WhatsApp” widget.

4. Now press and hold the widget and drop it on any of your home screens. Now that you have added the widget to your home screen, simply long-press on the widget to expand it.

By doing this, users will be able to read messages without having to open the chat. One will also be able to read all old unread messages as well. Note that if you click on any of the chats on the widget, the chat in the application will open, by which the sender will know that you have read the message.

Tips on how to read messages without opening the chat on WhatsApp Web

For those who want to read WhatsApp messages without opening the chat on WhatsApp web, in order to avoid telling the other person that the message has been read, users need to simply place the cursor on the chat when they receive a message on WhatsApp Web. With this, users will be able to see a floating message.

By using this technique, users won’t have to open the chat for checking the message on the web version. Note that the users will only be able to read the latest messages and not the old ones.

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