WhatsApp makes it easier for group callers to communicate

At a time when many of us are separated because of Corona, there is nothing better than being together with friends and family on a group call, even if it is the most agonising experience. 

WhatsApp is aiming to improve its users’ experience as group calls become increasingly popular.

WhatsApp now allows users to join a group call after it has already started.

The convenience of joinable calls eliminates the need to answer a group call as soon as it begins, bringing the individuality of group talks to the brilliance and simplicity of WhatsApp group calling.

According to the article, any member of the group who does not answer the phone when it rings on WhatsApp can join the group call at any time. Then you’re free to return.

WhatsApp has also developed a call information panel for users’ convenience, allowing them to see who is already on the call and who has been invited but has not yet joined.

Users can also add WhatsApp later from the Calls tab if they choose ‘Ignore.’

Keep in mind that today is the first day of joinable calls.

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