World Statistics Day to be marked on Oct 20

ISLAMABAD, Oct 17 (APP):Like other parts of the globe, World Statistics Day will be marked on October 20 across the globe including Pakistan with an objective to show that good data and statistics are indispensable for informed decision-making by all actors in society.

The UN stresses that reliable and timely statistics and indicators are more important than ever.

“On the World Statistics Day, I urge all partners and stakeholders to work together to ensure that the necessary investments are made, adequate technical capacity is built, new data sources are explored and innovative processes are applied to give all countries the comprehensive information systems they need to achieve sustainable development,” stated Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General before the UN event in 2015.

Statistics is a way of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, presenting and organizing data. Applying statistics to larger groups of data gives a general overview of issues, including scientific, industrial, or social problems.

“We need to ensure that everyone is counted, especially the most poor and vulnerable. No child’s birth shall remain unregistered. No incidence of disease, no matter how remote the location, shall remain unrecorded. We need local statistics to ensure that every child has access to education and we need global statistics to monitor the overall effects of climate change,” said Ban Ki-Moon.

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